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Our Animals

Mr Obvious Money aka "Moe"

Melanie purchased Moe shortly after he was weaned in 2007.  They showed extensively on the AQHA circuit and Moe earned multiple points and awards in Halter.  He was retired in 2010 and enjoys spending his days munching on grass, begging for carrots, and positioning himself for an all over body scratch.  


Jacques was adopted from our neighbors and friends at McConathy Farm Rescue,  He was surrendered by his elderly owner after she could no longer take care of him.  He has quickly captured our hearts with his playful antics and sweet demeanor.  When not loafing in his shed, Jacques spends the majority of his time chasing Moe with his blue Jolly Ball.  


Daisy was adopted in 2013 after being rescued from a breeding situation by our friend, Amy.  Unable to birth future litters, she was discarded.  We couldn't resist her big brown eyes and made her a part of our family.  Daisy happily spends her days keeping the pastures free of varmits and lounging on the sofa after a hard days work.  

Mel and Moe 3.jpg
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